Squat Exercise Demonstration

In your start position you need to be standing comfortably on your exercise mat. In order to move towards perfecting your squat technique, your spine should remain naturally curved. Two steps will be followed towards moving yourself to a starting position. You will be descending from that position, and you will be ascending from that position.

The start position requires you to stand comfortably on your exercise mat or board. Your feet should be planted comfortably at about shoulder width apart. The knees need to be pointed in the same direction as the toes. The shoulders will be pulled back and the chest up. During this positioning and following positions, you will be maintaining a natural curve in the spine.

squat technique

When descending from your starting position your hips will be pulled back while bending the knees and ankles. At this stage, do not attempt to bend the knees first. Keep your weight distributed into the heels without lifting the toes. Also, avoid excessive forward bending at the waist. And prevent the knees from moving inward or outward at all times. When squatting, placing thighs past parallel is not ideal.

When ascending into the starting position squeeze the buttocks hard and drive or push the heels down. During this phase, keep the shoulders pulled back and the chest up. But avoid rotating the hips or shoulders. The rate of ascent here between upper and lower body is to be the same at all times. You can stop when you have returned to your starting position. Again, squeeze the buttocks until you have returned to your starting position.

This was a very brief demonstration on how you can maintain perfect technique whilst maneuvering your body in the squat position. Step by step video or graphic demos can also be followed for clarity.

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