An Enjoyable Way To Learn How To Master Your Breaststroke, Butterfly And Backstroke

breaststroke drills

The breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke are three of the best known swimming disciplines in the Olympic pool. The popular and main event, however, remains the freestyle. Long before you get to choose which discipline you will be focusing on for your first swimming gala, you will still need to master them all. Dipping your toe into an Olympic sized indoor swimming pool for the first time can be quite daunting.

A more pleasurable way to learn how to master your backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke drills, as well as the freestyle, would be to go on a swimming camp. It helps take off the pressure of trying too hard to achieve peak performance long before you have even mastered any one discipline. You join other likeminded swimmers who will all be focusing on their strokes as well. And you will also be working on your starts and turns.

For many budding competitive swimmers, the turn is where it all seems to go wrong. The swimming camp will help you achieve some composure and great technique. On the camp, you will also learn four different types of dryland training. You will be taught the science of swimming. And for those of you who cannot wait to have another dash at the freestyle, there are five disciplines of fast swimming still to be mastered.

Because you will all be working towards a competitive season, you will also be taught how to develop your own seasonal planning. This is good for those of you who will not have the advantage of a permanent swimming coach. To help give you the edge on race day, you must still develop your race strategy techniques and work on your mental training to help keep your cool.

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